Baby Quilt. Hand stitches and tiny pieces.

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My first blog post! I thought this would be a nice platform to share all of the photos and a few thoughts from one of my recent projects. 

The basic steps of a quilt are planning, design, washing/ironing fabrics, cutting, piecing (this part feels like a million steps between piecing- ironing- square up- piecing- ironing- square up), final iron of quilt top, basting ( securing the backing, batting and front together), quilting (hand stitches or machine), and then the most satisfying step of binding!

Since I had the time ( and the scraps!), I thought it would be a good exercise to pick only from my scrap bin for this project, and not cut into any 'new' fabrics, with the exception of the back piece. I think that it would be neat to try and do more of this, because traditionally, new fabrics were never purchased for blankets. Blankets were made with old clothes and scraps too ratty to be used for anything but a quilt piece.


I made this quilt for my baby, due this summer, so I decided to take the extra time hand quilting it. The perfect opportunity to use up a giant cone of hemp string I thrifted a few years ago. Usually I like to use Olympus cotton sashiko thread, but hemp is SO strong making it the perfect quilting thread. Hand quilting takes a very long time, but can be very meditative. I found I had to set goals for myself, sitting down to quilt everyday for 30-45 mins. I had it calculated that I could complete the quilting in x amount of days, and that made it much more bearable. 

Hand quilting creates such a vintage feel, and a lofty texture. 

Now imagine a sweet little one wrapped up in this next winter, complete with a wooly bonnet. :)

Thanks for finding me here! I've had many questions about this quilt pattern. This star is a classic quilt star, and I'm not quite sure what its called! Perhaps a two-toned sawtooth star? It is essentially a combination of squares and triangles sewn together. 

Happy spring time!